Nurturing Curiosity Childcare's preschool program is inspired by the educational approach of the preschool programs in Reggio Emilia, Italy.  The Reggio Emilia philosophy is an approach to teaching, learning and advocacy for children.  It is a way of observing what children know, are curious about and what challenges them.  Teachers record these observations to reflect on developmentally appropriate ways to help children expand their academic and social potentials. Children engage in short term projects and long term projects.  Many times projects relate to our natural world. Nurturing Curiosity Childcare sits on four acres of land. Our natural "playscape" provokes children's social, physical and cognitive abilities.

Principles of the Reggio Approach

  • The child as competent, curious, and full of potential

  • The school as a collaborative and cooperative space

  • The environment as third teacher

  • The importance of children, families, and teachers in relationship

  • The power of documentation

  • An emergent curriculum

  • The hundred languages of children

  • Teachers as co-constructors, documenters, and advocates

  • Families as an active part of learning experiences